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The Future Of Positive Packaging


The Future Of Positive Packaging

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AppLICATION Ending date

Oct. 31st, 2019
5pm CEST

Meet up Day

Dec. 12th, 2019
from 8:30am to 18pm (GMT+2)

Station F, Paris, France


This edition Partner


Call for Applications

  • Part of the Positive Packaging Program by Perrier, SoScience launches in September the sixth edition of The Future Of : more info here ;

  • 30-50 experts and professionals of the theme from different organizations will be selected (social entrepreneurs, company, NGO, start-up, research laboratory, industrials, investor...) in order to tackle this question :

How to reinvent the source and the end of life of packaging in the beverage industry to generate solutions with positive environmental and social impacts ?


The brief

As the 7th Continent in the Atlantic Ocean shows, or does the diffusion of micro-particles in our environment, waste has far-reaching negative impact on lands and oceans. This incredible amount of rubbish is in part made up of packaging we use for storing our food, water or laundry, making packaging pollution a major issue the environment is currently facing. Furthermore, today's packaging is mainly relying on fossil fuels for its production.

Smart packaging has started to emerge, with solutions either on the source or the end of life: 100% edible packaging; bioplastic that degrades faster; compostable packaging; bio-sourced packaging… However, these stay at the prototype stage or niche markets: can we develop a solution at an industrial scale? Can such an approach answer the plastic issue? What new ideas, materials or even systems can we imagine to transform this issue into opportunities for the planet or for human health?

The beverage category today is inseparable from its packaging and as packaging technical constraints are more numerous for sparkling water than other beverage (transparency, sturdiness…), the sparkling water industry can lead the way for the whole beverage industry. These constraints have impacts all along the packaging lifecycle: from the source to the end of life. Creating a carbon and waste neutral solution is necessary and would be a huge step forward. Can we go even further and imagine positive social and environmental impacts? For instance, a packaging that would improve marine biodiversity or aggrade soils?

If you work on at least one of these areas and are keen on collaborating with others to contribute in solving the packaging pollution problem, apply to The Future Of Positive Packaging. This open innovation program aims at gathering together experts from different fields in order to generate solutions with positive impact. The best collaborative projects that will emerge will be offered technical, operational and financial support.


Is it for you?

  • Would you like to share your expertise with other stakeholders and get inspired to start a collaboration with them?

  • Would you like to know how your industry or company can contribute to social issues and SDGs?

  • Does your laboratory work on with these subjects? Would you like to develop research partnerships?

  • Are you a start-up developing an innovative solution on this subject?

  • Are you an non-profit/ NGO wanting to implement a local program in partnership with research and innovation stakeholders?

  • Are you a supporting organization (incubator, investor...) wanting to boost promising projects in this area?

Selection criteria

  • Level of expertise* on the theme

  • Will to create partnerships with a high potential for positive impacts on society

  • Will to create partnerships for responsible research and innovation

  • Will to engage in multi-stakeholder collaborations (you are searching for complementary approaches and skills)

  • Your approach is inclusive and/or socially and environmentally oriented and aims at tackling a key issue for society

  • You think your solution, idea or approach is original/uncommon/too innovative or early stage? Don't be shy and apply, we're here to develop them together!

* For SoScience, expertise can take many forms: you are an expert of your experience!


Benefits for elected projects

The 3 best collaborations project that will emerge from the meet-up day will be offered a technical, operational and financial support :

  • Project framing and coordination

  • Access to SoScience network (Scientific and Social/Environmental ecosystems) and Perrier’s one (Marketing, Innovation, Production and Technical Center, Corporate Communications, Legal and Regulatory)

  • Financial opportunities

For social entrepreneurs and NGOs, a few grants are available to cover your transportation costs. Please make your demand through the application form.