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With the production of textiles for clothing, linen and footwear expected to increases by 2.7% each year up until 2030 (1), the linear type of economic model adopted by the textile industry is becoming less and less  ecologically viable. As a result, politicians and members of the civil society are starting to plead in favor of a progressive transformation towards a circular economy.

In France, out of the 650 000t of clothing, linen and footwear put on the market every year, 250 000t are collected within which only 156 000t (2) are sorted by authorized facilities. The French recycling sector wants to achieve 300 000t collected AND sorted each year with a maximum of 2% eliminated. This means at least 100 000t of used and non-reusable textiles and footwear to rehabilitate each year . Time is of the essence.

However, most of the rehabilitation from these wastes (recycling, turning into fuel or other sources of energy) occurs mostly abroad at the moment. Industrializing the recycling process of these non-reusable used textiles and footwear is thus a major issue especially for relocating this economic activity in French and European territories. This demands new technologies allowing the detection, sorting, dismantling and ejection of fabrics in a viable process that would need an automated assembly line. 

How to produce environmentally performing materials from post-consumer non-reusable textiles and footwear that fit the market’s functional and economical needs?

How to sort and dismantle an increasing number of non-reusable used textiles and footwear? How to spark interest and encourage funding for materials and products made from recycled goods?

This industrialization process needs to be made in accordance with a long term vision thought by every actor of the supply chain : producers, distributers, sorters, recyclers and local authorities. They all need to co-create projects surrounding the rehabilitation of recycled materials not only in the textile industry but also in automobile, construction, geotextiles and plastics.

Whatever part you play in the recycling chain, we need your expertise to think and develop materials, machines or technologies (with economic and functional specifics) that have limited environmental impacts. Apply for The Future Of Textiles and Footwear recycling and collaborate to improve and speed up the move towards circularity.

This open innovation program aims at bringing together different actors from various sectors in order to generate solutions with positive impacts. Selected collaborative projects will receive technical, operational and financial support.

(1) « The State of Fashion 2021 », Business of Fashion & McKinsey et Company’s

(2) Refashion’s annual report : those are the 2019 numbers. 2020 numbers are less indicative (500t commercialized and 200 000t collected) because of the pandemic.

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