Responsible innovation: you can not ignore these 2 trends! (5/5)
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Responsible innovation: you can not ignore these 2 trends! (5/5)

This article is part of a series on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). 

Not yet familiar with this concept? Check out our definition!

We are no longer dealing with weak signals. It is becoming urgent for companies to transform themselves in light of the dynamics at work. It is becoming imperative to take action.

We cannot innovate with the same methods and the same expertise as those that have driven economic development over the last 50 years.

A new generation of actors and collaborators is arriving, we must adapt to integrate this wealth and make it an asset for the company.

Above all, we need to remain competitive and responsive to regulations that are adapting to these new requirements: calls, subsidies, public funding, major clients are increasingly focusing on impact criteria.

Trend 1 : The new players in innovation

A new generation of entrepreneurs and companies is already promoting this new model of innovation and business in favor of positive impact for society.

In the same way that digital startups have disrupted every sector, social entrepreneurs are going to take market share away from the big guys. This is the direction of history and the global awareness of citizens.

The leaders of the responsible economy, for example, gathered within the Impact France Movement (mIF) are present in all industrial sectors and intend to change the rules of the game in favor of a fairer economy that serves society. They are also the guardians of any recuperation of the notion of positive impact or responsible innovation for simple communication purposes, without any concrete action on the activities and practices of the company. Stamping oneself as “for good” is not enough. Like greenwashing, it is now impact-washing that carries the risk of a bad reputation.

🚨 Stay tuned and integrate impact and society actors in your reflections to hear weak signals and anticipate possible evolutions of your market: acceptability of technologies, relations with impacted populations and territories concerned by your activity, are strategic subjects to be taken into account as early as possible in your reflections.

Trend 2 : New employees

New entrants (generation Z) to the job market are very aware of their role in today’s world and the impact of their career choices. To attract talent and make the company attractive, research and responsible innovation are proving to be a major asset for young workers looking for meaning and consistency.

Yet, the urgent and growing need for skilled labor will make recruitment not only a highly competitive activity but also, as a result, a major strategic differentiation factor.

📣  At a time when everything is accelerating, staying in a classic posture means accelerating your delay!

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