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First expert in open innovation with positive impact internationally recognized

The responsible open innovation methodology designed by SoScience has just been selected by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs as “good practice” for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


How does it work?

It is a complex challenge involving all departments (R&D, Marketing, Sales…) and external actors

I benefit from methodologies and tools relying on collective intelligence throughout the whole process

In 11 months, I engage my staff, my stakeholders and new partners

Collaborations are under way and I have preliminary results

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The current open innovation formats are more of a bilateral type (large groups-start-ups or large groups-students or large groups-researchers), we are the only ones on the multi-actor approach (science-business-society). We are the only open innovation players specializing in impact innovation.

The Future Of program is a package that has evolved over the past 3 years to become this all-in-one format that makes it its strength. Each step of the process is necessary for engagement and guarantees the quality of the collaboration.

The aim of the program is to generate and launch multi-actor collaborations although the consortia resulting from the day may be of two, three or more parties. The richness of the program is based on sourcing and precisely multidisciplinary and multi-actor workshops.

It must be both technical / scientific AND focused on positive impact. If your issue concerns only the social sciences, this program is not relevant.