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The Future Of Energy for Mobility

The Future Of Energy for Mobility

How to drastically decrease energy consumption enabled by usage-optimized mobilities and decentralized interconnected energy systems?
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  • What user-centric solutions could enable inclusive and commercially viable energy technologies to ensure mobility for all
  • How to accelerate the deployment of clean mobility through decentralized energy systems (production, storage, usage)? 
  • How to optimize access to the right vehicle for the right usage in order to minimize energy consumption while fulfilling mobility needs for all? 
  • How to include users in the co-creation of new mobility usages to ensure its relevance and a smooth implementation? 
  • How can we promote sustainable and equitable mobility patterns that reduce congestion, air pollution, and social inequalities (e.g., public transport, shared mobility, active modes)? 
  • Would it be possible to exchange data between vehicles, infrastructure and users in order to optimize the charging and storage of energy
  • How could we use the existing fleet to contribute to the energy system?

Some of the participants

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