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For the past 10 years, we have been connecting various research and innovation ecosystems in order to bring together players who do not know each other. As experts in research and innovation with social and environmental impact, we help all these actors to connect and innovate better, together.

You are an
Industrial group?

  • Invest now to stay ahead tomorrow
  • Align performance and strategic issues
  • Co-create impactful solutions
  • Innovate in your innovation and research practices
  • Benefit from a method recognized by the United Nations
  • Enrich your network of partners
  • Mobilize your teams

You are a Research institute?

  • Stay at the forefront of industrial strategic topics with the social and environmental impact of your research
  • Integrate social and environmental impact into your practices
  • Enhance your research with new partners
  • Meet the expectations of your researchers by working with civil society
  • Respond to social issues
  • Shine internationally

You are a
Region or a City?

  • Accelerate innovation on transition issues
  • Mobilize the actors of your territory
  • Benefit from a facilitator to coordinate your stakeholders
  • Shine nationally and internationally
  • Launch pilots in support of your public policies
  • Strengthen the private-public dialogue on your territory

You are interested in open innovation?

  • Are you a nonprofit organization?
  • Are you an investor or a bank?
  • Are you an incubator or an innovation support actor?
  • Are you a public organization?
  • Are you a media?

Do you want to contribute to social & environmental impact research projects?
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