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The future of land in economic activity zones |
Banque des Territoires

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Direction de l’investissement

How can the land on economic activity zones become a lever for land conservation and the regeneration of biodiversity?


Gabriel Giabicani, Director of Innovation & Operations at Banque des Territoires
Thomas Raulet, Head of data projects and the national land portal at Banque des Territoires.
Marc-André Selosse, Biologist and soil specialist at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle.
Alexandre Monnin, Professor of Ecological Redirection and Design at ESC Clermont
Caroline Bouvard, Deputy Director General, Economy and Attractiveness, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole
Matthieu Rivet, Director of Network and Expertise Support at CDC Biodiversité
Nicolas Boulbès, Coordinator of sustainable property programmes and strategies at Lidl France
Yves Mathieu, Biodiversity and Pollutant Reduction Project Manager at BeeOdiversity
Thomas Boutreux, PhD in urban ecology at the University of Lyon
Jules Boileau, Phd in Geography and Project Manager at TerrOïko
• Bruno Tonfoni, Architect and urban planner, founder of Atelier Cité Architecture
Emmanuel Latour, Development Manager at Plateau Urbain


3 months of preparation

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