Mélanie Marcel

Mélanie marcel

Mélanie Marcel

Founder and president of soscience


2020-2030, the decade in which humanity must win its most complex battles. As a violent call to order, the period opened with one of the greatest crises ever: international, health, with environmental origins, further increasing inequalities, highlighting the fragility of our globalized economy.

At the heart of this crisis, science is expected at the turn to understand what is happening to us, explain complex phenomena, share what it knows, help public decision-making … and urgently produce solutions!

Science has a role to play in resolving our societal challenges. But will this “science of solutions” be able to engage the whole of civil society?

How can you help anticipate, prevent and mitigate the next crises? Everything will have to be changed. It’s not obvious, but many are already trying.

Redesigning research and innovation practices to meet societal challenges is our mission. We support pioneering organizations in this area. Join us !

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Arrow Talk conference (FR)

07/10/2021. Before, the IT world was segmented. Hardware, software, network, cloud: we were agile, but each on his own. Today, silos are being erased, uses are evolving, and we are witnessing the advent of a new mixed strategy in IT: Hybridization.

Risk prevention and new technologies

07/10/2021. What are the strengths and limitations of new technologies for personalized prevention?

One health: go beyond research, take action to avoid crises

28/09/2021. Mélanie Marcel took part in the Rencontres du Développement Durable organized by the Open Diplomacy Institute alongside WHO institutional managers.

Shifting Paradigms for Climate Transition

30/08/2021. During the 76th edition of the European Alpbach Forum, Mélanie Marcel insisted on the need for interrelationship between the actors of the research system and civil society and co-creation.

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