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The Future Of - The collaborative innovation challenges

For derisked, co-created and strong impact innovation

The Future Of

Quickly bring together the right partners for your innovation stakes (decarbonization, waste, water, Scope 3, LCA...)
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The Future Of

De-risk your innovation to avoid failure in a context of rapid change, thanks to this end-to-end service.
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What is “The Future Of” method ?

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What is a Collaborative Innovation Challenge ?

Unlike traditional open innovation formats, such a challenge is based on the diversity of players, the collaborative intelligence of partners from different sectors and disciplines, aligned to tackle together technical and societal challenges that could not be solved alone, because they require a wide range of skills.

Who benefit from the method “The Future Of” ?

This program is designed for all organizations, private or public, needing to build coalitions / alliances and experiment innovations through collaborative projects.

See the list of customer cases.

What internal resources must be mobilized in "Autonomy" mode?

Typically, a senior project manager 15% + a junior project manager 80% for 6 months until the launch of explorations.
10% for project follow-up for the 6 months of project support

What results can we expect?

Between 30 and 50 partners working together to solve a given problem
3 to 5 explorations / collaborative projects launched in 6 months
A community that can be (re)mobilized and enriched over time.

How is this different from an Innovation Challenge?

Startup challenges aim to identify and support startups. The challenge is a contest among startups.
SoScience’s approach is to identify the most relevant startups, along with researchers, companies and other public and private organizations, so that they can collaborate, accelerate and experiment with new solutions.

How quickly can I launch collaborative projects?

You can launch an average of 3 projects every 6 months.

The collaborative innovation ...

Our method, launched in 2016, has been recognized since 2021 by the UN as good practice ODD17 “strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”

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