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Science-based innovations for positive impact: the new moonshot for brands! #SBParis19 🚀

We were thrilled to be part of the first edition of Sustainable Brands Paris 19 as one of the leaders of the Science & Tech Hub! Here are the key messages we delivered about science, ethics and business.


Science & ethics: from risk management to opportunities

When it comes to science and ethics in business, most of the time, it is all about transparency, risk management and regulatory compliance, which is fair but not enough!

We believe that brands and major industrial companies have indeed a vital role to play in solving the biggest problems we are facing today as a society. We believe science can be a powerful tool to do so. The future of sustainability for brands is using the core scientific skills to create products and services that have a positive impact on society and/or the environment while economically benefitting your company. It is time to embody responsibility, purpose and impact.

A New Breed of entrepreneurs with science-Based Solutions for a positive Impact : the social scipreneurs

This new generation of entrepreneurs is already on the rise and on the edge: they are leading the way to a new approach of doing business, responsibly. They are a true example that our biggest challenges can become the biggest opportunities for business! But you do not necessarily need to be a start-up to get there…  

Responsible innovation: an opportunity for brand to reinvent themselves

People would not care if 77% of brands disappeared (Meaningful Brands, Havas, 2019) and are expecting brands to drive social change… So how to get started? 

o   Set ambitious targets: Think positive. This is not about how to reduce your negative impact (carbon footprint, wastestreams, etc.) but how to deliver positive impact to society. How many beneficiaries are you planning to reach?

o   Choose honesty beyond transparency: “Change does not happen overnight” says social enterprise Fairphone. You are headind to a challenging journey: no one is expecting you to be perfect!

o   Think out of the box: Do not underestimate your potential. For one of our clients, in the car making industry, we actually identified that the company could have a tremendous impact on food security.

o   Engage at every level: As you are engaging the core business of the organization, you need to involve the top management and collaborators to make it work.

o   Gather a large ecosystem: To succeed, open innovation and collaboration are key: learn more with Mélanie Marcel, CEO of SoScience, why and how major companies should co-create their models of tomorrow with actors they usually don't interact with


Mélanie Marcel