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The Future Of Waste: feedback & highlights by Denis Guyonnet (Diana Nova)

In the ever-changing start-ups and incubators environment, finding the right partner for open innovation is not an easy task. SoScience through its program “The Future Of” offers an innovative approach that includes societal & environmental factors as key drivers to build responsible research & innovation initiatives. This unique approach meets the consumers and people expectations to develop sustainable businesses and is aligned with the mission of our company.


Working with SoScience in a highly collaborative mindset allowed us to address one of our main challenge: gathering the right people around a complex topic, the industrial valorization of fruit & vegetable side streams. Without the know-how and human resources of SoScience, we would not have been able to carry out such a program. I personally met people I would never have met in my daily business activities. We don’t know of any other company which could accompany such projects bringing in such a diverse ecosystem of academic researchers, start-ups, social entrepreneurs, small to large size companies and industries.

Indeed, SoScience has a very structured step-by-step process to help you in defining the questions you want to answer to properly address your business/technological/scientific questions. This somehow forces you to think out of the box and look at your topic with new angles by considering the entire topic and not only your expertise area. This is the best way to find answers to a global challenge! To fully benefit from SoScience know-how, expertise and network, be prepared to be fully committed to this collaborative work. You will have to dedicate time to exchange with SoScience team to allow them to well understand your challenge and thus, propose and design a relevant program.

I participated in many workshops in my career, but I have to say that the Future of Waste was the most inspiring workshop I ever attended. Why? First, all the participants were carefully selected to cover all the dimensions of our topic in term of position in the value chain but also in term of “social” diversity (e.g. 10 countries were represented). Second, participants were in a positive mindset and open to learn, share and collaborate. Third, the event was perfectly designed by SoScience with different sessions all along the day including a period dedicated to the formalization of potential collaborations and the famous wall of collaborations. This is one of the strength of this program:  being not only dedicated to spending a nice day by sharing ideas with inspiring people (which is often the case in company workshop w/wo external consultants) but to formalize potential projects with new partners.

Last but not least, behind inspiring projects are often people who inspire us. Mélanie, with her team, is one of these inspiring persons who will accompany you to open new avenues by using disruptive approaches. I definitely recommend collaborating with Mélanie and the SoScience team!




Denis Guyonnet, Scientific & Innovation Director at Diana

Mélanie MarcelTFO, The Future Of