TFO Waste


The Future of Waste


Given the growing world population and the increasing demand for food, it is our common responsibility to explore new ways of valorizing fruit and vegetable waste streams. This is in line with the industrial necessity to implement sustainable ways of production and consumption, and opening new pathways to beneficial innovation. More than simply waste reduction, it is time to shift our thinking to more directly positive impacts: we could do so much more with our waste and by-product streams. For example, why not turn them into products with strong added-value for nutrition and health?

Some solutions have already been proposed or implemented; transforming waste into co-products and by-products such as compost, methane energy source, ingredients for pet food, cosmetics, etc. Nevertheless, these solutions do not necessarily capture all the value of many waste streams. Potentially valuable nutritive or health-active properties could be lost, and often large volumes of materials are still discarded. There is plenty of room for innovation, incorporating a better and more comprehensive understanding of every opportunity, potential health and nutrition benefit of components, and making informed decisions on how to extract value.

How to further improve the industrial valorization of fruit and vegetable waste?

Which technologies and methods can unlock their potential? For the health and nutrition sector and others (new materials, pharmaceutical, energy…), how can we collaborate to deliver new scientific research projects having a directly positive impact with fruit and vegetable waste streams?


Partners of this edition

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Launching event

June 15th - 8:00am to 6:00pm
near Paris, France


April 27th - 5:00 pm



Call for applications

1 — April 16th 2018: announcement of the results for the first round

2 — April 27th 2018: application deadline for the 2nd round

A synthetic application form

30-40 experts and professionals of the theme from different organizations will be selected :  start-up, company, NGO,  research laboratory, investor... 

6 attendees will be selected to pitch during the morning

Don't worry : if you are not part of this selection, you'll have the opportunity to propose a topic you want to discuss in the afternoon


Inclusive conference

June 15th 2018: start of the program at the IRD "Innovation campus for the planet" (near Paris, France)

6 inspiring presentations by researchers and entrepreneurs

An open forum with 3x3 round tables on topics proposed by the attendees

Collaborative tools and spaces dedicated to generate partnerships

Informal moments, because collaborations also arise from coffee breaks ;-)


Projects support

From July to December 2018: 3 projects with a high potential for positive impacts will be benefit from our support

To take your projects to completion, SoScience provides a 6 months support:

  • Project framing and coordination
  • Access to SoScience and its partners' network
  • Financial opportunities 

For social entrepreneurs and NGOs, a few grants are available for transportation. Please make your demand through the application form.


Selection criteria

  • Level of expertise* on the theme
  • Will to create partnerships with a high potential for positive impacts on society
  • Will to create partnerships for responsible research and innovation
  • Will to engage in multi-stakeholder collaborations (you are searching for complementary approaches and skills)
  • Your approach is inclusive and/or socially and environmentally oriented and aims to tackle a key issue for society
  • We favor innovating / uncommon / original solutions, ideas and approaches 

* For SoScience, expertise can take many forms: you are an expert of your experience!

Is it for you?

  • Would you like to share your expertise with other stakeholders and get inspired to start a collaboration with them?

  • Would you like to know how your industry or company can contribute to social issues and SDGs?

  • Does your laboratory work on with these subjects? Would you like to develop research partnerships?

  • Are you a start-up developing an innovative solution on this subject?

  • Are you an non-profit/ NGO wanting to implement a local program in partnership with research and innovation stakeholders?

  • Are you a supporting organization (incubator, investor...) wanting to boost promising projects in this area?