Social Scipreneurs


Social Scipreneurs

"Social scipreneurs" are entrepreneurs working at the intersection of applied science and social good.

Below are some examples of notable scipreneurs that embody the SoScience vision of gearing science towards the design and development of product-driven solutions to global challenges.  

In 2018, SoScience launched the Science for Good initiative to put a spotlight on successful social scipreneurs.



Former biotech engineers Ladislas De Toldi and Marine Couteau broke into the world of robotics to create Leka, a robotic smart toy that changes the way children with developmental disorders learn, play and progress. Leka is helping children with autism to develop their senses, mobility, and social interactions.



To tackle malaria, engineer and chemist Gérard Niyondiko is developing a line of hygiene products (soap, lotion, and detergent) that repel mosquitos for up to 6 hours by using microcapsules of naturally repellent substances that adhere to users' skin and gradually release their contents. To widely distribute such products would have a massive impact for populations plagued by malaria.

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With a biotechnology background, founders Ninna Granucci and Silas Villas-Boas have spearheaded new technology to create the world's first range of low calorie fermented flours, using fruit and vegetable by-products to create high value-added food products like snack bars, supplements, and flour alternatives.