Our Methodology

Our Philosophy:

science x social good

We work at the intersection of societal issues and technological advancements, instilling a collaborative innovation process to generate product solutions with positive social or environmental impact.

Many of the innovation strategies related to CSR focus on reducing negative externalities. But at SoScience, we go a step further. We reframe your innovation practices to not only reduce negative externalities, but to generate positive impact.

Consulting contracts

Our six-month consulting contracts unlock your organization's potential by revealing opportunities for innovation with positive impact. We offer our services to all actors, from large industrial producers to research-funding organizations.

We help you develop a strategy that gears products and services to respond to social and environmental issues. Sustainable innovation practices add value to your organization and support its long-term growth.

Our Method

1. Interviews & Workshops

Before analyzing its clients, SoScience makes a point to listen.

We hold one-on-one interviews with employees from various departments, and conduct a series of workshops to locate opportunities for breakthrough research and innovation.

Our method unlocks existing ideas by reshaping the innovation mindset to be creative and conscientious.

2. Opportunity Matrix

The Opportunity Matrix is a SoScience tool that combines 7 major societal challenges with a set of macroeconomic or technological drivers. Often these sessions result in solutions that organizations had never considered, to problems they did not know they could address.

3. Analysis Report

After analyzing the leads from the opportunity matrix, SoScience writes a detailed report of the identified markets that would benefit from new innovations.

4. Establishing the Task Force

SoScience accompanies the client in composing a team to develop the new project. By crowdsourcing solutions and following up through the start of the development phase, SoScience crafts a supportive foundation for successful responsible research.