Our purpose


Discover your potential.


We provide a structured system for the worlds of science and social impact to intersect, collaborate, and use applied science for common good. We aim to unearth, support, and cultivate a new breed of "social scipreneurs."

Collaborative- We gather actors from many fields (laboratories, companies, NGOs, academic institutions, and social entrepreneurs) in collaborative conferences, workshops, and interventions to unlock the creative power of cooperation.

Innovative- Our processes propose a new framework for responsible innovation, encouraging disruptive research and scientific innovations that have a positive social and/or environmental impact.

Empowering- We provide you with the tools, guidance, and connections you need to spearhead new technologies to solve social and environmental issues.


Join our community!


We are creating a network of actors committed to Responsible Research and Innovation, including:

• Large organizations
• Research Institutes
• Social scipreneurs
• Non-Government Organizations
• Companies
• Boosters
• Change-makers
• Investors

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