Our purpose


We believe science should be applied for the common good.

We are creating the conditions for the world of Science, Innovation and Technology and the world of social and environmental impact to intersect and collaborate. We provide you with the guidance, connections and tools you need to spearhead new technologies to solve social and environmental issues.

Guidance : We have a very strong vision that challenges our clients and that's why they work with us.

Connections : We gather actors from many fields (laboratories, companies, NGOs, academic institutions, and social entrepreneurs) in collaborative programs, workshops, and interventions to unlock the benefits of cooperation.

Tools : Our processes propose a new framework for responsible innovation, encouraging disruptive research and scientific innovations that have positive social and/or environmental impacts.


Why ?

Our society is facing very complex and global social and environmental issues that no one can address alone : we need everyone onboard to solve them. As such, scientific research can and should contribute to answer such issues.

Science is far from being the unique solution to any problem, however today it is under-exploited to answer these challenges.

It should not be.
Making it the new norm is our mission.