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A Collaborative Innovation Program to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals


Science & Society for Good

For over two years, the SoScience team has organized and led "The Future Of_": a multi-stakeholder collaborative research program organized thematically.

These summits have an interactive and informal teamwork setting to encourage the flow of new ideas. While brainstorming innovative solutions to global problems, participants create new partnerships and collaborations to increase their potential for societal impact.

"The Future Of_" In Numbers

40+ participants à chaque édition

• 1 journée pour faire émerger des collaborations - 6 mois de suivi pour accompagner les collaborations

17+ pays représentés sur certaines éditions. Les participants sont attirés par les opportunités de réseau, de social business, les sources d'inspiration et de financement.

• 98% des participants recommandent le programme à d’autres personnes et estiment avoir identifié de nouveaux contacts pertinents 

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The Future of Waste

How to further improve the industrial valorization of fruit and vegetable waste? Which technologies and methods can unlock their potential?

For the health and nutrition sector and others (new materials, pharmaceutical, energy…), how can we collaborate to deliver new scientific research projects having a directly positive impact with fruit and vegetable waste streams?”

Journée de lancement

15 juin 2018

Limite de candidature

6 avril 2018


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Become a Partner

The support of our partners allows us to design unique events for select industry stakeholders and facilitate long-term collaborative solutions to global problems.

Thanks to our partnership with IRD, we can offer partnerships in the TFO program to a diverse range of organizations. Partners can contribute to theme development, guarantee spots for their employees, receive follow-up support for launched initiatives, and benefit from the visibility of "The Future Of" program.


Les précédentes éditions & témoignages

Thank you for inviting us to speak at the conference. We met and talked to many promising new contacts, who all share a commitment to acting together towards change.
Congratulations on this wonderfully inspiring day ! Well-organised event, with a small, choice group of participants, with lots of good will and enough time to exchange ideas. A great event with a lot of potential!
Congratulations on the synthesis report that was made available. The opening presentation by Mélanie Marcel for a summary of what is at stake was very clear and to the point, perfect for a business board meeting!
Congratulations again for a great day yesterday. You managed to create a nascent community on the topic.