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A Collaborative Innovation Program to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals


Science & Society for Good

For over two years, the SoScience team has organized and led "The Future Of": a multi-stakeholder collaborative program organized thematically. After the application period, a day-long program leads to innovative collaborations that can receive multi-month follow-up support from SoScience. 

These summits have an interactive and informal teamwork setting to encourage the flow of new ideas, and participants work together to create innovative solutions to global issues. After the event, SoScience awards the three projects with the highest potential for positive impact with a six-month support program to ensure their project's success. 


Participant Testimonies

40+ participants 

17+ countries represented

My sincere thanks for the opportunity provided to join this conference as speaker. It was pleasant meeting you all, other experts and many industrial partners. The conference was nicely organized with effective communication. I trust this would build a strong network and future collaborations on the specified works. 
— Anil Kumar Anal, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
I really enjoyed the organization of the event with time to interact with the other participants in different ways. It is very rare that people at a conference understand what RethinkResource is doing, since they usually don’t know about circular economy and valorization of side streams. You for sure gathered the right people.
— Jasmin Schubert, RethinkResource, Switzerland
A big thanks to the SoScience team for impeccably organizing this day at Bondy, where I was able to make great new contacts. I particulalry appreciated the format of the day, which encouraged quality exchanges and for everyone to express themselves. I was able to meet people I would have otherwise never met.
— François Rolin Maarouf, Labiocrac, France


Become a Partner

The support of our partners allows us to design unique events for select industry stakeholders and facilitate long-term collaborative solutions to global problems.

Thanks to our partnership with IRD, we can offer partnerships in the TFO program to a diverse range of organizations. Partners can contribute to theme development, guarantee spots for their employees, receive follow-up support for launched initiatives, and benefit from the visibility of "The Future Of" program.

Interested in launching a The Future Of  program?