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Science for Good: A New Breed of Entrepreneurs with Science-Based Solutions for a Positive Impact

Science, technology and innovation are often regarded as critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. However, while scientists have been alerting society for decades on the negative impacts and risks linked to human activity — climate change, growing pollution levels, biodiversity loss, resource scarcity, food security. Their potential to solve these issues has been overlooked so far. 

A new generation of entrepreneurs — more specifically, social science-preneurs — have come up with innovative science-based solutions in order to bring about a positive impact.They are launching a new dynamic in the field of science, technology and innovation for the common good. 

Harness the power of science for good 

Science should not be seen as a purely disconnected activity, whose only function would be the advancement of knowledge, nor as a mere economic activity, providing innovative products and services to generate financial value.

Currently, there is an urgent need to give a strong impetus to scientific research and innovation in order to benefit society. Far from being the solution to our highly complex and global challenges — and naïvely supporting the myth of science as the panacea for all ills — scientific research can and should, however, contribute to resolving them when possible. There is a need for stretching the boundaries of the research system and offer a new approach. This approach, called “social valorization”, consists of transforming research results into social value by applying them to solve social and environmental issues. Read more….

Article written by Mélanie Marcel, founder and CEO of SoScience, published April 5, 2019, on Impakter.

Mélanie Marcel